The Irish field gate is a piece of beauty, cultural history and a functional object that has stood the test of time and whose aesthetic has deepened, helping to create a very distinct vision of rural Ireland. My collection of Art Jewellery explores the cultural heritage and unique landscape in Ireland as embodied in the Irish field gate.


These gates are often in a state of disrepair so the farmer or landowner often improvise repairs with other gates, bits of wood, branches, twine, chain, barbed wire, based solely on the resources available at the time. The combination of materials, colours and textures are typical of what we see in the Irish landscape.


Through forging, fabricating and surface exploration I create Jewellery that is structurally strong but contains the whimsical appearance of the “repaired” field gate. Each piece is unique, using different metals combined in various ways from simple rivets to more complex brackets. The raw materials are a combination of found metal, pattern forged steel, mild rusted steel, silver and gold.


jewellery designer